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Netflix Party - Watch Netflix Together with Friends | Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Party allows you to watch Netflix together with friends. Install Netflix Party for playback sync and a chatbox for interaction

Netflix Chrome Party Extension

1. How to install Chrome, if you do n’t have it

  • Open your cybersurfer (ex Edge, Safari, Firefox.) and type Google Chrome in the huntbar.

  • Click Download Chrome.

  • Click Run.

  • Still, click yes, If asked to allow Chrome to download.

  • Chrome will launch after installation.

2. Where to find the extension

  • Type Netflix party extension in Google Chrome’s hunt bar.

  • Click the hunt affect that says Netflix Party Chrome Extension – Google Chrome.

  • You'll be taken to the Chrome web store.

3. How to install the extension

  • On the Netflix Party runner of the Chrome Webstore, elect Add to Chrome.

  • When the “ Add Netflix Party?” dialogue box appears, elect Add Extension.

  • At the top right of the coming screen, elect Install Netflix Party.

  • The Netflix Party extension will be added to the top right of the Google Chrome cybersurfer.

4. Netflix Party in action

  • After you have logged into Netflix and picked a movie/ show, click the NP icon from the top right of Google Chrome.

  • You can choose whether to partake control of the movie/ show with your party. Click Start the Party.

  • Partake the URL ( link) with anyone you want to join you!

  • After they click the link, they also have to the red NP icon.

  • Each party member has anicon.However, you can add a surname, If you click the icon.

Members of the party can chat on the right-hand side of the screen. Each time someone interacts with the video, it’s documented in the chat. For example: started playing the video, jumped to 2:42, and paused the video. If you are watching a show, Netflix party will continue even as it proceeds to the next episode. If you are watching a movie, Netflix party will continue as a randomly selected trailer will play. You can end the party by navigating out of the movie/episode or by clicking the NP icon to disconnect at the top right of Chrome.

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