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Ways To Keep Your Audience Attention

1. White Space. White space on your page is important. Having the right amount of white space when you need homework help online allows the reader to scan and skim read easier, finding any specific information they are looking for.

Keeping in mind point 2. above, space out paragraphs with a double line in between gives the right amount of white space. Be careful though, you can have too much white space which looks rather blank to the reader and they have to scroll down to find more to read. I don’t know about you but I get annoyed when I have to scroll down a long way to find more of the information to read. Advertisements in the middle of a post are particularly annoying.

2. Write In Active Voice. Writing in an active voice creates a connection with your reader whereas writing in a passive voice is just basic information removed from the action. Writing in an active voice means writing as if you are having a conversation one-on-one with a friend. This is an easy way of remembering how to write than me explaining sentence construction. Another way of explaining it would be to write in the first person rather than the third person. See the difference below.

Active voice: “I built the dog house.” (Can’t you feel the excitement I felt building the dog house?)

3. Overall Flow Of Article. As mentioned in point 1., the first sentence should get the reader to read the second and the third etc. The quality of writing is very important but so is how the writing flows and the structure of the article, book or post. If it is not structured, flowing from one point to the next, but in a haphazard manner, your audience will be confused and not continue reading. You want them to keep reading to the end.

4. Relevant Images. Keeping your audience interested is important and having relevant images throughout your article helps to keep their attention and reading. Don’t go overboard with too many images. Make the images relevant to the point you are making at the position you place it. Don’t make them too big to outshine your writing. Placing them on the right side of your article to allow your reader to continue reading without too much interruption. If the image is on the left it interrupts the flow for the reader and can be a distraction.

By keeping these points in mind when writing you will improve your writing skills and write great articles and posts that people will be begging to read.

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