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Primary School

Online SK/SJKC Primary Tuition for Students in Malaysia 

At Berry Online Tuition Class, we recognise the value of a solid academic foundation, particularly in the early years of school. 

Our Approach to Online Primary Tuition

Our tuition for primary classes at Berry Online Tuition is based on the 2021 Malaysian National Syllabus, which are:


  • KSSR Semakan for Year 1 to Year 5

  • KSSR for Year 6

online tuition for primary classes Malaysia

Additionally, we deliver our online tutoring for primary students using ClassIn, one of the most effective pieces of software. To ensure that our students receive the best quality of teaching, our primary school tutors have a strong educational background to teach. 

Why Choose Our Online Primary Tuition​

Here are some reasons why the online tutoring for primary students at Berry Online Tuition Class is ideal for your child: ​


Since they can attend lessons from the convenience of their own homes, students can set up a comfortable learning atmosphere that meets their specific requirements and interests.


Taking classes online eliminates the need for travel, saving both parents and students valuable time and energy.​

Parental Involvement

​The ClassIn app allows parents to monitor their children's progress and remain involved with their education.

Flexible Scheduling

By utilising the ClassIn app, scheduling classes is much more convenient for both parents and students.

Primary Subjects We Cover

Listed below are the subjects that we cover in our online tuition for primary classes at Berry Online: 

Bahasa Melayu


Bahasa Cina





Primary Online Tuition Timetable (Standard 1 - Standard 6)

Here are the timetables for our online tutoring for primary students:



Here are some answers to common questions regarding our tuition for primary students:


​What types of online primary tuition courses do you have?

  • We offer online classes and one-to-one classes for our online primary tuition courses.


What is the duration of your online primary tuition classes?

  • The duration of our online primary tuition classes are one hour. 


How experienced are the tutors?

  • All of our tutors are required to have a strong educational background to teach and most of our primary school tutors are of the following:
    1. Seminar speakers
    2. Reference book author
    3. Ex school teachers

How do you monitor primary students' learning performance?

  • Berry Good uses an app called ClassIn, which is a one-stop solution for digital learning. It's used to check the student's monthly progress and learning performance, and helps remind the student of their classes and attendance. The app offers the following features:
    1. Homework Management
    2. Lesson Scheduling
    3. Interactive Classroom
    4. In-School Social App

What type of homework is provided for online primary class?


  • To give students a chance to learn further, Berry Online Tuition provides an additional one and a half hours of homework every day for all classes. This can be monitored through the ClassIn app.


How many students are in each online primary class?

  • There is a limit of 40 students per class; however, there will be classes where there are fewer students. 


What is the cost for online primary tuition?

  • Our online primary tuition costs RM 28 per subject. 

Enroll in Our Online Tuition for Primary School Today

Here are some testimonials from our students and parents after enrolling to Berry Online Tuition:


“My son started online tuition with berry since pkp until now.

He seems to adapt well with the online classes. He was rewarded as no1 in his class in 2022.” – isla rahman


“Highly recommended as the teachers are experienced and friendly. Quite effective tuition because the teacher explains well and provide useful notes for student to have better understanding. The staff and students there also very helpful and kind to solve the problems or questions. Overall the experience is good and enjoyable.” – Sin Pei


“As a student, I would recommend Berry Online Tuition because the teachers are quite experienced, I have more understanding on every topics after class. Besides, there are playback videos after every online lessons which allow me to watch anytime especially while doing revision. The staff and management are efficient as well.” – junwei 


Are you prepared to unlock your child's academic potential? Enrol them on our online tutoring for primary students today and witness incredible outcomes. Give your child the head start they deserve by signing up immediately here!

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