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Secondary School

Online SMK Secondary Tuition for Students in Malaysia


The teachers at Berry Online Tuition are aware of the critical significance that secondary school education plays in determining a student's future. Thus, we are dedicated to offering a friendly learning atmosphere that encourages students to succeed in their goals and thrive academically through our extensive online tutoring programme.

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Our Approach to Online Secondary Tuition

Our online tuition for secondary students at Berry Online Tuition is based on the 2021 Malaysian National Syllabus, KSSM for Form 1 to Form 5. Additionally, we ensure that our tutors stay informed of the changes in the national school by regularly inviting school teachers to provide in-house training for our tutors. 

Besides that, all of our online secondary tuition is delivered using the ClassInN app, one of the most effective pieces of software. 

​Why Choose Our Online Secondary Tuition


​Listed below are the reasons why Berry Online Tuition Class for secondary students is ideal for your child. 


​Our online secondary tuition makes it possible to attend classes from any location with an internet connection.

Expert Supervision

​To ensure that our students succeed in the subjects they have enrolled in at our secondary tuition centre, our online tutors must be highly qualified in their specialised subjects. ​

​Exam Preparation

​One of the main goals of our online secondary tuition centre is to offer students the necessary study and exam preparation skills.

Comprehensive Subject Coverage

​Our online tuition for secondary students offers a wide range of subjects to ensure that every student receives proper support across various subjects. 

Secondary Subjects We Cover


Here are the subjects that are offered in Berry Online Tuition Class:

  • Bahasa Melayu

  • English

  • Bahasa Cina

  • Mathematics 

  • Science

  • Sejarah

  • Geography

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Accounts

  • Economics

  • Additional Mathematics

  • Business

  • Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi

​Secondary Online Tuition Timetable (Form 1 - Form 56)


​To find a suitable time for you or your child to join an online class, here is a detailed timetable:

SMK Secondary School Timetable



Here are some answers to common questions regarding our online tuition for secondary students:

What types of online secondary tuition courses do you have?

  • We offer online classes and one-to-one classes for our online secondary tuition courses.

What is the duration of your online secondary tuition classes?


  • ​The duration of our online secondary tuition classes is one hour. 

How experienced are the tutors?

  • All of our tutors are required to have a strong educational background to teach, and most of our secondary school tutors are of the following:

1. Seminar speakers

2. Reference book author

3. Ex-school teachers

4. Ex SPM Markers

How do you monitor secondary students' learning performance?

  • Berry Good uses an app called ClassIn, which is a one stop solution for digital learning. It's used to check the student's monthly progress, learning performance, and helps remind the student of their classes and attendance. The app offers the following features:

        1. Homework Management
        2. Lesson Scheduling
        3. Interactive Classroom
        4. In-School Social App

What type of homework is provided for online secondary class?


  • To give students a chance to learn further, Berry Online Tuition provides an additional one and a half hour of homework everyday for all classes. This can be monitored through the ClassIn app.

What is the cost of online secondary tuition?


  • Our online secondary tuition costs RM 28 per subject.

Enrol in Our Online Tuition for Secondary School Today


​Here are some testimonials from our students and parents after enrolling to Berry Online Tuition Class:

“The way the teacher teach is very simple and easy to understand. They will review the topics and do some exercise to enhance our knowledge and always make sure we understand the lessons well. They are really kind and friendly as well. Recommended for people thriving for a better change for their result.” – Liew Hui Ling

“Hi, to anyone that's looking for online tuition, especially for those who will having their SPM examination, without doubt I definitely recommend to you guys to join this tuition, the teacher would made you understand the subject you're not good at and give you more tips on how to score in exam. Not only that, the app they used for your classes will record and you can rewatch anytime, also you can make a note on the apps and do a revision that you won't do in school looking at limited times.” –  Naseer Bashoan

“Berry online Tuition is a very convenient tuition center. good online for students. Teachers are responsible and friendly.” – Ivy Teh

Enrol in our online secondary tuition today to take the first step towards academic success!

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