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English Tutor and Online Tuition for Primary and Secondary Students in Malaysia

English is a global language, and mastering it offers countless opportunities for academic and professional success. In today's digital era, online tuition has become an effective and flexible way to learn English. At Berry Online Tuition Class, we provide top-notch English online tuition for both primary and secondary students in Malaysia.

English Online Tuition Malaysia

Understanding English Online Tuition

Online tuit
ion leverages the power of the internet to connect students and tutors in a virtual learning environment. Through live video sessions, interactive tools, and personalised study materials, students can access quality education from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of Online Tuition for English Language Learning

For English learners in Malaysia, online tuition offers numerous benefits, which include:

  • Convenience and Flexibility – The flexibility to schedule lessons according to the student's availability is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming travel.


  • Experienced tutors – Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching English to Malaysian students, ensuring each student grasps the language's nuances well. Students can also choose tutors who match their learning preferences.


  • Enhanced Focus and Participation – Some students may feel more comfortable expressing themselves online than in a traditional classroom setting. This can lead to enhanced focus and active participation.


  • Cost-Effectiveness – Online tuition can be more cost-effective compared to in-person tutoring, as it eliminates the need for commuting and reduces overhead expenses for both the tutor and the student

Why Choose Our English Tutor Online in Malaysia

​Selecting the right tutor is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the language. Our English tutors possess extensive experience and expertise in teaching students of all levels, from primary to secondary.

They also employ innovative teaching methods tailored to individual learning styles, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. Moreover, their dedication and commitment have led to remarkable success stories.

Reasons to Consider Our Online English Tutor

  • Personalised and Interactive Learning Experience – Our tutors can tailor their teaching approach to suit every student’s needs, maximising their learning experience using interactive tools and resources that enable real-time communication.


  • Immediate Practice – Engaging with an online tutor provides students with an opportunity for direct practice and application of language skills, which can significantly improve their speaking and listening abilities.


  • Support Outside of Sessions – Our online tutors may offer additional support outside of scheduled sessions through messaging platforms, majority on whatsapp, telegram, and ClassIn app. We provide an additional free one and a half hour of homework class for all classes everyday. This can be helpful when you have questions or need extra clarification on specific topics.


  • Track Your Progress Easily – Online tuition classes often include tracking every student’s progress and performance. This helps students and parents monitor every development and see how far they've come on their English language journey.

Primary English Tutor: Building a Strong Foundation

Early childhood is a critical period for language development. Our primary English tutors are certified TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) professionals who recognise this significance and focus on building a solid foundation for young learners.


As such, they employ interactive and age-appropriate teaching techniques to ignite children's interest in the language.

Our primary English tutors also serve as mentors, guiding students through their language journey. They cultivate essential language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Primary Online Tuition Timetable (Standard 1 - Standard 6)

Here are the timetables for our online tutoring for primary students:


Secondary Online Tuition Timetable (Form 1 - Form 56)


​To find a suitable time for you or your child to join an online class, here is a detailed timetable:

Effectiveness of English Online Tuition for Secondary Students

For secondary students, our online English tuition is designed to address their specific learning needs. Tutors engage students in challenging discussions, critical analysis, and advanced language exercises to enhance their proficiency.


At the same time, our specialised English tuition for secondary students provides focused attention, enabling them to excel in examinations, essays, and other language-related tasks. The personalised approach ensures that each student reaches their full potential in English language skills.

Testimonials and Success Stories (from Primary and Secondary Students)

“My son has been with this tuition centre for about two years. So far, he (has) shown great interest in the tuition. It is very convenient, not just because it's online, but they also provide e-notes for students to revise along with reading and exercise questions. All the teachers are professional and strict at the same time. They have their technique for teaching, guiding, encouraging, and acknowledging the students' performance. I am glad to have found this tuition centre. I can see all their students enjoy their Q&A during the class." – Kenneth Lai Kin Lok

Hear from more satisfied students and parents here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What are the topics covered in online English tuition?

  • Our online English tuition covers various topics, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, essay writing, and oral communication.

2. What is English online tuition, and how does it work?

  • English online tuition is a virtual learning class where students interact with experienced tutors through live video sessions, receive study materials, and engage in interactive learning activities.

3. How much is the tuition fee for English online tuition in Malaysia?

  • Please refer to our website or contact our support team for detailed information on tuition fees.

4. How much is the hourly rate for primary English tutors in Malaysia?

  • Our primary English tutor's hourly rates vary based on the type of class you choose. For specific pricing, visit our website or get in touch with us.

5. How much is the hourly rate for a secondary English tutor in Malaysia?

  • Like primary English tuition, the hourly rates for secondary English tutors depend on the type of class you choose. Visit our website or contact us for the pricing.

6. Are there any additional resources or materials provided for online English tuition in Malaysia?

  • We offer supplementary materials and resources to support students' learning journeys, including practice exercises, study guides, and reference materials.

Enrol in Our English Online Tuition Today!

Embark on your journey towards mastering English with us and witness remarkable improvement in your language skills! Contact us today to start your learning adventure and achieve fluency in English!

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