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Maths Tutor and Online Tuition for Primary and Secondary Students in Malaysia

Math Online Learning Class Malaysia

Math is a fundamental subject that helps students understand and acquire basic mathematical concepts and skills. It lays the foundation for a child’s cognitive development. 

Online tuition has become an effective yet flexible method of learning Maths. Berry Online Tuition Class offers quality online Maths tuition in Malaysia for primary and secondary students.

Understanding Maths Online Tuition

Online Maths tuition is an accessible yet effective way of learning, where students can access quality education from the comfort of their homes.

Here are the benefits of Math learning online:

  • Accessibility and Flexibility – With Math class online, students choose where and when to learn that suits their schedule’s availability without commuting.

  • Enhanced Focus and Engagement – Online learning offers a refreshing new way to engage and focus compared to traditional learning environments.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Without extra expenses from tutors, students, and commuting online learning is the most cost-effective way to learn math.

Why choose our Maths Tutor Online in Malaysia

Berry Online Tuition Centre for Math Tutor Online in Malaysia

Choosing the right and qualified secondary and primary Maths tutor ensures students understand and apply their knowledge of the subject correctly. Our tutors are highly skilled with extensive experience in teaching Maths to students of all levels in a positive, engaging, and motivating learning environment.


Here are factors to consider when choosing our online Maths tutor:

  • Personalised and Interactive – Our tutors tailor their teaching methods to suit every student’s needs using various interactive tools, apps, and resources.

  • Immediate Practice – With online tutors, immediate practice helps students get immediate feedback to further their learning progress.

  • Progress Tracking – Students and parents can track and monitor their progress and development in their journey, building a foundation of trust and confidence in us.

  • Support Outside of Sessions – We offer a free additional one-and-a-half-hour class every day to help students with their homework. Additionally, some of our online tutors offer support outside of scheduled sessions through WhatsApp, Telegram, and the Classin app.

Testimonials and success stories ( From Primary and Secondary Students )

“The tutors that teach Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, and Accounting are very good. The tutors in the tuition give a lot of commitment to teaching us. If you continue to focus when the tutor is teaching, you will achieve excellent results.” – Shoban

Find more satisfied testimonials from students and parents here.

Primary Online Tuition Timetable (Standard 1 - Standard 6)

Here are the timetables for our online tutoring for primary students:


Secondary Online Tuition Timetable (Form 1 - Form 56)


​To find a suitable time for you or your child to join an online class, here is a detailed timetable:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


​1. What are the topics covered in online Maths tuition?

  • Our online Maths tuition covers topics from primary and secondary subjects in line with the school’s syllabus.


2. What is Maths online tuition, and how does it work?

  • Online Maths tuition is a virtual learning class done online through interacting with tutors via live video sessions, where students receive study materials and engage in interactive learning activities..


3. How much is the hourly rate for a primary Maths tutor in Malaysia?

  • Our hourly rates for primary Maths tutors vary depending on the type of class chosen, with rates starting from RM7 per class. For more specific rates, visit our website or contact us.


4. How much is the hourly rate for secondary Maths tutor in Malaysia?

  • Like primary Maths tutors, the rates depend on the type of class chosen. Visit our website or contact us for detailed rates.

​​5. Are there any additional resources or materials provided in online Maths tuition in Malaysia?

  • We offer supplementary online materials and resources, such as practice exercises, study guides, and reference materials, to aid our students in their journey towards education.

Enrol in Our Math Learning Online Tuition Today

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