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Relationship - Parent, Teacher and Students at Berry Online Tuition Class in Malaysia

Relationship between Parent, Teacher and Student: Tripartite Relationship


The holistic success of a student does not solely belong to either parents or teachers. Instead, it is the healthy relationship which revolves among the three constituents which ultimately define the student’s academic achievement. Parents and teachers are guaranteed to be partners in the process, while the students lie in the middle, sitting as a relevant link between the two.


Since both parents and teachers strongly affect the performance of the student, it is very crucial that they establish a quality connection between them. It is definitely necessary that they maintain a sound relationship which will allow the three of them to have a harmonious environment for the student’s learning. Here are a few tips which can promote a favorable tripartite relationship among the parent, teacher and student.


  • Building a good foundation between parents and teachers.


Just like how two people set initial impressions on their first meeting, the same is true for parents and teachers. The basic foundation that can be built between them starts on the first time they see each other. Much pressure is placed on the teacher to ensure that the parents will develop confidence in them. Teachers will want to give the persona that they are qualified to handle their children’s education. On the other hand, parents need to deliver the necessary effort to attend to the scheduled registration and meetings so that they won’t miss the opportunity to start building great foundation with their children’s teachers. If a child is home schooled then this is not a problem. In fact, building a good foundation between parents and tutors are easier. Both parties will see each other more often and will have the chance to talk to each other almost every day right after or before the class starts.


  • Letting parents answer surveys about their children.


Who else knows the most important and relevant information about the students other than their parents? Hence, it is a good idea to engage the parents with surveys which inquire information about their children, especially their learning style. This will provide the teachers a good idea about how to motivate and keep the student’s interest to learn. It will also allow the teacher to design specific techniques which will be effective for the class. Sending this kind of surveys to parents also translate the eagerness of the teacher’s will to customize his or her way of teaching according to the student being handled. It also promotes the feeling of parent’s greater involvement in their children’s education. Same goes with private home tuition where tutors can ask series of questions to the parents in order to have a better idea of the child’s personality. This way, not only can the teacher know more about the child but at the same time both parents and the teacher enhances communication.


  • Extending good news to parents.


Letting the parents know how well their children are performing in school is certainly an effective way to promote a positive interaction between the teacher and the parent. Making sure that the parents are in track of their children’s achievements allows them appropriately commend their children for a job well done. This will potentially move the student to perform even better. Parents will also develop the feeling of gratitude towards the teacher because their children’s great performance can be attributed to the teacher’s effective means of teaching. In terms of private home tuition, extending the good news to parents is also important. Keeping the parents updated makes them see the improvement of their child and the effectiveness of the tutor.


If you are a parent now, you had definitely been a student before.  And you most likely have a good idea about how beneficial it is for a student to see a good working relationship between his parents and teachers. This partnership should never be underestimated. Remember the few techniques mentioned here and see how these improve the performance of your children or student.

Victor Tan 

Owner/Managing Director Berry Good Tuition

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