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Challenges of Education in Malaysia

With the recent positive changes in the Asian economy, Malaysia is catching up fast to modernization. Though they are becoming more diverse in terms of culture and westernized attitude, education still has some challenges that need to be addressed. Mapping out the snags in this strict society might not be that easy, but they are working on making education a priority.


The first challenge surfaced when the government decided to scrap out using the English language to teach subjects like Math. Using Bahasa Malaysia to teach the children different subjects pushed their education a notch lower than some of the countries in Asia. As you know, English is the universal language. Everywhere you plan to go in the world, someone is bound to speak the language. Taking it off from the system can mean big communication problems for children currently and in the future.


The British education system still influences a big part of the Malaysian Education. They still follow the protocols “qualification by examination” and that is the reason why the students have to take a number of exams to proceed to the next levels. The status in life is a big factor; it is a fact worldwide that if you can afford a good school or University then you will certainly have a good education. However, your status in life won’t matter if you really have the brains and the guts to excel. There’s always scholarship program intended for those who can’t afford and for those who are really worth it.


Another way to get into these universities is to do well in school. This is the top reason why parents look into a home tuition agency to help them search for a qualified home tutor for their little ones. It is not easy looking for one on their own as there a lot of things that they have to check first before they hire the right one. Their choice matters a great deal since it is the future of their children at stake here.  For one, they have to do an extensive background search on each candidate.  They also have to look for a professional who can focus on the special needs of the child, specifically the weak areas he needs help with.


A home tutor is not just any individual who teaches the children what they already know. Some information can be challenging to retain and that is where their expertise come in. Equipped with ample knowledge, he will be able to take on that challenge and make sure that he develops techniques that will be effective. Many parents are worried about their children’s future. That is mainly the reason why they invest on home tuition and get the best professionals in the field to aid them in propagating their children’s education.


The numerous challenges that a student in Malaysia has to face can become a thing of the past if they work hard. Just like anybody else across the globe, those who are willing to battle the difficulties in their studies will always be a success in the end.


Victor Tan

Owner/Managing Director Berry Good Tuition Center

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