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Strengthen Student's Interest in Learning at Berry Online Tuition Class in Malaysia

How to Strengthen Student’s Interest in Learning


Children are naturally driven by their curiosity to learn. However, it is also a natural expectation to see their interest wane as they grow up. The exact cause of this can be hardly defined, but it remains crucial to work on how we can keep our children as motivated students.


We cannot deny that we had been where they stand now. We have felt how they felt about studying. Some of us may have probably paid the price, while some may have been fortunate enough to fight it through. As for our children, we certainly do not want them to have a late realization about what they have missed to learn due to their lack of interest. To make sure that this does not happen to them, here are some tips on how we can strengthen their interest in learning:


  • Ensure that the child is provided with knowledge-promoting environment at home.


It has been proven that the home environment to which a child is exposed to strongly influence the attitude he has towards learning. When parents are open to their children’s curious inquiry and provide them a positive approach about their exploration for truth and knowledge, they become more inclined to learn. They continue their search for wisdom and education outside the walls of their home. They remain motivated and interested in learning when they know that it is perfectly acceptable to have the eagerness to know. They also continue to seek the fulfillment they feel when their questions are answered and their curiosity is satisfied. If your child is home schooled, it’s best to keep him informed not only of the things being discussed in his class but also allow the tutor to teach him other things aside from his subjects. The tutor is a great source of information for your child so it is best that he answers questions intelligently even if it’s not related to their class.


  • Challenge what they learn.


To provoke student’s continual interest in learning, you must never let them be complacent about what they already know. Challenge them to prove the stand they believe in. When you tell them that they are wrong, chances are they will get up on their feet to prove why they think the otherwise. A person tends to pay greater amount of attention when what he knows is questioned. It pushes him to think the other perspectives he might have missed. Thus, his interest is kept alive. However, it is important to note that a huge amount of prudence is required for this tactic. Know when to challenge and practice the right manner how to do it. When it comes to this tactics, a private tutor is definitely one of the best people to challenge your child’s interest. Because tutors have this authoritative look to most children, it would be effective for them to challenge your child time to time when doing private home lessons. Private home tuition is not only limited to stiff study guidelines, private tutors are also experts when it comes to motivating their pupils.


  • Provide real value to what they learn.


Learning becomes more fun when the students can manage to completely relate with the topic. Thus, one definite way to increase their motivation to study is to develop a learning environment which includes relevant situations in your student’s life. It allows them to apply their learning to practical scenarios which can be realistically beneficial to them. This may include local news events, latest technology updates or interesting day-to-day personal routines. If your child is enrolled in a private home tuition, then it’s also a great method for the tutor to use scenarios that is happening inside the house. This is one way of keeping the child highly interested. Home tuition have tutors experts in this kind of teaching.


These are just some of basic techniques which you may try on your children or students to keep them motivated to study. There are several things which can potentially preoccupy them. Thus, it is certainly necessary to develop strategies on how you can help them stay focused. Just practice the few tips provided here and you can expect better interest in learning from your students.

Victor Tan

Owner/Managing Manager Berry Good Tuition

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